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Challenge Games - following Rules

Monday 29th March 2021

Challenge Games - Once the time is right for us to return to the playing of Games, many Clubs will be seeking to play Challenge Games and it is essential that the following Rules are adhered to : 

             (c)         An Inter-Club Challenge Game shall be sanctioned by County Committee(s), Provincial Council(s) or Central Council. Sanction must be obtained from the County Committee where the teams are from the one County, from the County Committees and from the Provincial Council where the teams are from two or more Counties, and Sanction must be obtained from the County Committees, from the appropriate Provincial Councils and from Central Council where the teams are from more than one Province. 

             (d)      Clubs organising Challenge Games shall make applications, in writing, to the appropriate authority/authorities in such time as to have permission granted or otherwise, two days prior to the date of the proposed game. The Council or   Committee-in-Charge may give authority to its Secretary to grant permission.    Where sanction is required from more than one Unit of the Association for a particular Challenge Game, notice shall be given by the Applicant Clubs, at or about the same time, directly to all relevant Units.  

  • Penalties: For a Unit participating in an unauthorised Challenge Game:  

          Fine - County €250; Club €100.