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Development Grant Applications - Closing Date 19th July 2016
The closing date for grant applications to be submitted to the Development Officer this year is Tuesday 19th July 2016.

Clubs should identify all work completed in the Club over the past 12 months and identify areas where a grant can be claimed against the Grant Scales available.

The Club should then complete the application Form and forward it to the County Development Officer (Willie Gribbin) before 19th July 2016 with the following supporting Documentation: (a) 3 Copies of Declaration of Trust; (b) Certified Evidence of Claimed Costs; (c) Copy of Club’s most recent Audited Accounts or Club Treasurer’s Report certified by County Officers.  

Grounds Inspections
The Planning and Physical Development Committee have produced a Health and Safety Audit which Clubs are encourage to complete annually,
The Audit is a good guide for Clubs who want to ensure that their grounds are in pristine condition.