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Newry St John Bosco Clubs Draw 2021

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The Clubs Draw facilitated by Down GAA, began in 2012 has been a major success for the County and the Clubs of Down.

In the 9 years of the draw a total of over £5.93 million has been raised, with over £3.91 million going to the Clubs of Down, with the County Board raising £1 million. A total of £0.99 million has been paid out in prizes, and with an Annual Prize Fund of £110,000, the draw allows Down GAA Clubs to host a major fundraising draw without the individual worry of providing a major Prize Fund.

£110,000 12 MONTHLY DRAWS: with 5 Prizes of £1,000 to be won per month

2 SUPER DRAWS: 25th August & 15th December 1 Prize of £5,000, 5 prizes of £2,000, and 5 prizes of £1,000
SPECIAL CLUB DRAW: Every Club guaranteed a £200 winner in our Special Club Draw
SPECIAL DRAW FOR FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS: Special Draw for Patrons who pay £120.00 in full before draw commences: 5 PRIZES OF £200.00

First Draw: 25th March 2021

Ticket Price £120.00
or if paying by D.D. (can only be set up via the Club) £10.00 per month commencing on 18/03/2021 and monthly thereafter on the 3rd of each month

For Every Ticket sold by Newry St John Bosco, the Club receives £96.00 (after the initial 24 ticket sales)

TO BUY YOUR TICKET AND TO SUPPORT NEWRY ST JOHN BOSCO GAA CLUB - Please use the link below to buy the ticket via KlubFunder.  Once you have purchased the ticket within a couple of days we will email you a copy of your Ticket and your unique Ticket Number.

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Click here to Buy your Newry St John Bosco GAA - Clubs Draw 2021 Ticket (£120 - Per Ticket)